- Small Business Saturday



Join us for an incredible one day opportunity for you and your small business, a one of a kind connecting, equipping and motivational experience. If you are a small business owner and looking for some insight and encouragement for how to help get your small business better connected for more souls to find you and your happenings this fall and holiday season . Come be with us… August 24, 9am-1pm. Located in the barn at Faulkner Farms, 287 S Briggs Road, Santa Paula, California

Crazy excited to introduce you to our special guest Beth Lewis, from Olde Tyme Marketplace in Madison, Indiana. Beth is not only passionate about encouraging and equipping others in their own small business but she is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable shop owner who will be sharing all of how she has adapted and navigated through to continue keeping her small town, small shop such a thriving success.

She began her small business journey at the age of 19 fresh out of high school opening up her first brick and mortar on a little side street. She’s spent many years since then designing products for a leading gift wholesaler, doing trade shows, seasonal stores, pop up shows and making a move to North Carolina to establish Olde Tyme Marketplace. After 10 years there a unique opportunity offered her and her hubby the chance to relocate Olde Tyme Marketplace to Madison Indiana. Which is now their home and where you can come shop her 5,000 square foot brick and mortar location.