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Barnhouse Vintage Market brings together all things vintage, architectural salvage, rustic and vintage/antique finds the delight thousands of our friends all over Southern California. It always amazes us how much beauty can be found in so many treasures of old.

Once our last babe headed off to college we chose to dive into the world we had become so familiar with in helping to create for our own cherished home spaces with our families.  The world of vintage with farmhouse flair. We began to build and grow our small business from rented space near our own hometown.  As our own business grew, we quickly realized there was a whole family surrounding us of small vintage business owners who loved the same crazy…. Creative, marvelous souls who loved all things vintage and re-purposed.  Many with their own inspired and remarkable small homegrown business searching as well for more ways to market their found vintage treasures…

Equipped with resources and experience we had gained while volunteering in the “stay at home mom” season of our life, we wanted to use this same knowledge from our many years of marketing and promoting for our kids numerous school functions and fundraisers for our new found community of family and friends.
We wanted to help create a gathering place where we could all come together to market and help promote our own hometown small business.

You will be amazed at what you may discover and how it might just change your way of thinking when it comes to decorating and creating your home spaces…Happy Hunting your way……
Each treasure holds its very own character, age and story in which to tell……. We hope our Markets continue to help give it all new life.

We began as a small market in the fall of 2014 just in my own backyard.  The response from our community day one was simply over the moon. We quickly moved our events to a local community park, soccer fields, malls and even our local airport as we grew. Markets and Pop Up Shops are held throughout the year and we have always been inspired by the increasing love given to each gathering by not only our community who continually show up in a big enormous way to support our hometown small businesses, but also to our Market dealers of family and friends who put so much of themselves and their love for vintage in to all they bring to sell.